IMPERIAL PAW is a range of high quality super premium pet food formulated by veterinarians, nutritionists and pet behaviour specialists. The specific formulas are studied to improve your pet's health, beauty and wellbeing.

IMPERIAL PAW products are single source meat protein diets free of any by-product, artificial aroma and colourings.

  • OMEGA 3


    All our products are fish oil free. Formulas are powered by high bioavailable and active marine Omega 3 phospholipids. Benefits of Omega 3 phospholipids are 10 to 50 times higher compared to classical Omega 3 triglycerides.


    All our formulas contain dried Antartic Krill (Euphausia superba). This oustanding novel ingredient is an exceptional source of Omega 3 phospholipids and the natural antioxidant astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is up to 500 times more efficient compared to classic vitamin E.


    All formulas are pork free and contain low-ash naturally preserved human grade chicken protein as primary ingredient - an excellent protein source that is both palatable and highly digestible. The limited number of protein sources reduces the risk of food allergy and boosts food tolerance. Free of pork, dairy products and egg, the IMPERIAL PAW range is naturally hypoallergenic.